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VK Spray - Stainless Steel Pickling Spray Gel. Used for Stainless Steel tanks, vessels, pipes etc.

Tested and Approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 / A967 standards


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VK Spray - Stainless Steel Pickling Spray Gel / Paste

VK ® Spray is used to clean large stainless steel surface areas with plastic spray pump or pressurised spray bottle. It simultaneously removes annealing colours, ferritic contamination & weld burns.

VK Spray is safe & easy to use for cleaning of large equipments like S.S. vessels, dryers, agitators, dairy machinery, fermentators, internals as well as externals of pipes by pressurised spray bottle or pump.

Coverage / kg : Approx. 40 sq. ft.

stainless steel pickling passivation - before   stainless steel pickling passivation - after

How to Apply ?

1. Remove oil, dirt, buffing compounds etc. with "NST 100" - degreaser & cleaner. Apply NST-100 degreaser & cleaner solution for 5- 10 min. Wash with water properly.

2. VK Spray is sprayed on S.S. surface with plastic pressurized spray bottle or pump.
    Application Temp. = between 5 – 40 deg. C

3. Give contact time of 30  - 60 minutes for VK Spray depending on contamination, temperature & grade of Stainless Steel.

4. Use pressurised water jet spray for washing with water thoroughly.

5. Spray VK Pass - 1 or VK Pass - 2 & leave it for 20- 30 minutes. Rinse with water thoroughly.

Tested & Approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 standards.

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